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Kentucky’s Path to Statehood

Originally formed from a county of Virginia, the territory known as Kentucky adopted statehood by ratifying a constitution on April 19, 1792, at Constitution Square, located in Danville. Kentucky officially became the 15th State of the Union on June 1st of that year. Isaac Shelby, a Revolutionary War hero and convention delegate, was named the first governor of the new Commonwealth. It was not until 1818 that the state we know today came into existence as the westernmost region of the state was annexed to the original area, following its purchase from the Chickasaw Indians.

This year we celebrate anniversary of the formation of Kentucky’s statehood, honoring the traditions of the settlers and American pioneers who first moved west and traversed this land over 225 years ago.

Celebrate this anniversary of Kentucky statehood with us all throughout 2017. You’ll find events and attractions in all areas of the state to add to your itinerary—start planning today!